Welcome Falcon Family.

Booster Club News

Here we are, the start of a new year and a new Kentlake Football Booster Club Blog. For lack of creativity, we’re going with ‘blog’, but taking suggestions.

The goal is to help everyone feel a little more connected to our football team. Maybe encourage a few more of you to attend a game.

We will have a monthly ‘Getting to know your Falcons’ section highlighting a football player, helping us all get to know him a little better. Occasionally, we will be reaching out to past Alumni. I think I’ve talked Kyle Wagner from Pearson Chiropractic into being my first test subject, I mean guest ????.

Game re-caps when we do get to have a season. Coach Hurt has agreed to provide some occasional content, maybe highlight some great game plays for us. I hope to keep this engaging and maybe others will volunteer to do a Guest Blog for us (looking at you!). And whatever else you ask for.

You might be wondering who ‘I’ am. A Mom who loves supporting her kiddo on and off the field. It won’t take long and you will know more than you want about me, I’m an open book.

Looking forward to getting to know our players and You!

~ t

(If you have ideas for content, interview suggestions, would like to submit a Guest Blog, or just comments please email kentlakefootball@gmail.com)