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For our 2ndGetting to know your Falcon’ we are taking a closer look at a lineman.

I can’t decide if my title is right. We’re talking to a lineman outside of football but in this post we are talking to EJ Engstrom who plays Center, the innermost O-line position… Should it be Inside the Line? It’s too much for me to decide. ????

EJ will be a Class of 2022 Graduate. Missing football his Junior year has been hard but that does not mean he has gained the Covid 15. Actually, just the opposite – he has worked hard to stay active with regular workouts and runs. He is ready for a season.

Being a lineman EJ enjoys going right into wrestling season after football. While I love football as much as you, I truly enjoyed watching EJ wrestle last season. There was a wrestling tournament at Kent-Meridian, if you were there you know the match, it was the last few seconds, EJ was down in points, you could sense his determination, the entire gym was watching this match. EJ pins the guy for the win! The gym went crazy! And then, he shared a bag a Doritos with the guy. Ya’ll I’m not kidding, I’m not sure it was this match or this guy, but it happened. I’m sitting in the stands, I look across the gym, EJ is standing next to the guy he just wrestled, and they are sharing a back of Doritos.

One of the things you need to know about EJ is that he has heart, a big heart. He knows that with his teammates every challenge can be overcome, “All you need is your teammates at your back and you can do anything.”

I can’t wait to see EJ on the field this year. With all his hard work during Quarantine he is sure to shine!

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Best Lineman Photo Ever – 2019 – EJ #58

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