Parent/Player Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

The Kentlake Football Booster Club is comprised of parent volunteers. One of the many tasks for the Booster Club is fundraising. The money from the fundraisers goes directly to the Football Team for equipment, Thursday/Friday game-day meals, two-a-day meals, Senior Night, and Parent/Player Night… just to name a few. The fundraisers are imperative to the stability of the Football program.

Kentlake Booster Club has teamed up with Pacific raceway, White River Amphitheater, Van Wingerden Greenhouses, and more to help with supporting our team.

Donations may be 100% tax-deductible, Kentlake Football Booster Club is a 501C organization.   Checks can be mailed to Kentlake Football Booster Club, P.O. Box 156, Black Diamond, WA  98010. Or use our PayPal Donation Link ( Our Non-profit # is 27-4235869.   A win-win for both!

Do you have a community volunteer or grand opening that the Football team can assist with? Please contact

White River Amphitheatre Summer Concert Line-Up


You can sign up for as many concerts as you like and bring a friend or friends! (We do ask that each football family participate.)   There are permits and certificates required prior to volunteering. Please see the details below.  

Advanced Start Time for Volunteers –  **The concert start times listed are for “Volunteer Check-In” two hours prior. White River Amphitheatre is requesting all volunteers check in two hours prior. Ex: If the start time on Sign-Up Genius says 2 pm, the concert start time is 4 pm.**   (White River Amphitheater concert times are subject to change.)

TIPS/MAST – All volunteers 18+ MUST have a valid MAST permit and TIPS certification. All volunteers should have both permits on them for every single show and they will be checked upon check-in. KL Football Booster & Legends are providing this at no cost and will take approximately (3) hours. Location: KL High School. Date: TBD

*(You may choose to take a TIP online course AND an online MAST course. will not be reimbursed, since our specified course is provided at no cost.)  

Food Handlers Card – All volunteers working with food must have a food handlers card. You can get this card at Your card is valid for (2) years and you may renew after that. The card is $10 and the quiz is approx. 30 minutes. 

Parking/Check-In – Please see the map at for both parking and check-in. For those groups that were with the Concert Series last year, some positive news is that they are changing their checkout process and this will now be done at “Check-in” rather than the warehouse. 

Documents/Form – Shirt sizes, dietary restrictions, and completed volunteer intent forms are extremely important in order to speed up the check-in process. These must be turned in prior to check-in. 

Volunteer Training – If anyone is interested in touring the venue for hands-on training with inventory and Point of Sale system before the first show, the KL Football Booster will arrange for group training. 

We are looking forward to a fantastic season at White River! 

Kentlake Falcons Football Booster presents: White River Amphitheatre Summer Concert Line-Up (