Getting to know your Falcons – Blake Peterson

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Let’s talk about a Senior to be watched this year. Blake Peterson, Safety and Slot Receiver #31. Junior year was a year to remember for this guy, he ended the year with 60 tackles, 600 receiving yards, NPSL (North Puget Sound League) Special Teams Player of the Year, 1st team Defensive Back, and 2nd Team Wide Receiver. That play he will always remember, his first varsity touchdown! Last year against Hazen, Nate dropped a seam ball right over his shoulder and he ran it in for an 80-yard touchdown. Great work by Blake and everyone on the field for that play. If you were not excited to watch Blake on the field before, I hope you are now!

Blake is a great student, just like on the field, he gives 100% in everything he does, inside and outside of the classroom. He is very competitive, enjoys Baseball and Weightlifting. Fun fact, he’s a puker, he goes so hard when he works out he always makes himself sick. He does it all a with positive attitude. He knows the best teams in history have a positive attitude and a centralized goal. 

This guy shared a little more information with me than I needed but I can’t keep this game-day ritual to myself. According to Blake, “Dylan Bartlett and I always take a PGP (pre-game poop) in side-by-side stalls.” I hope Dylan is cool with everyone knowing this dirty secret. Blake also has a black Nike shirt that he has been wearing under his pads since 7th grade. All you mommas out there are cringing, I know we all want to throw that thing in the trash.  

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