Getting to know your Falcons – Nate Beck

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Our next Falcon we got to see on the field as our starting quarterback his Sophomore year. He ended the season with an All-League Honorable Mention, 1200+ yards and 14 touchdowns. From one of our Coaches, “Beck has made so many great strides forward as not only a football player but a true leader. He has put in the on-field work on his own time and even made tremendous efforts off the field to help our program. Once again he is another kid with a bright future.”.

This year, Nate Beck’s Junior year, he didn’t want anyone to miss the chance to be on the field. He played a key roll in organizing the rally when Kent School District wanted to shut down sports for the year. Nate’s parents were right there by his side the entire time supporting him. That’s probably one of the many reasons why when asked about his hero, Nate’s answer was his dad, Dan. “I have learned so much from him and he has taught me more ‘dog mentality’ than any other person I know, the qualities he instilled in me will be carried with me forever and I am extremely grateful for that.”

Nate said most of his life is just school and training for football. He dreams of playing D1 level college football, ideally for Oregon (Go Ducks!), but UW, WSU, and Boise State are on the top of the list also.

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