Getting to know your Falcons – Chase Allen

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Chase Allen, Class of 2022, might not look like your typical Guard, weighing in at 155 pounds. He is a laid back guy who doesn’t talk much on or off the field but he puts in the work and that says it all. With the most supportive family. Chase said, “My family has been supportive my whole life and I’m so lucky to have them. I couldn’t ask for a better family. I love them so much.” I have to agree, his Momma is the sweetest and his Grandma, she will keep you laughing. I had the pleasure of sitting with her at a few games, I highly recommend it. I would guess Chase takes after his Grandpa who doesn’t say much but loves watching his grandson on the field.

Chase told me, the butterflies go away once you get on the field. He remembers stopping a fake punt last year so the other team didn’t get the first down. Chase gave us a great example of how important attitude is on the field, he remembers playing a team last year with a similar record, going in thinking it was going to be a great matchup. Kentlake won, the other team did not score. Chase knew the other team would have been able to compete physically, but they did not have a good attitude. It was like they didn’t want to be there. He also told me how athletics help him mentally, teaching him how to take a little criticism. A skill that comes in very handy in life.


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