About the Kentlake Football Booster Club

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The Kentlake Football Booster Club is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose purpose is to support the football program at Kentlake High School.  We are a 501(c)3 designated tax-exempt organization.

The boosters help coordinate many activities, including preparing and serving pre-game meals, offering spirit wear, and producing game day programs.  We help coordinate special activities like Senior Night and the team awards banquet.  We do our best to keep you well informed through regular email newsletters, this website, and social media.  We raise money for the program through business sponsorships, hosting tournaments, and coordinating direct fundraisers.

We are an open organization.  Anyone who wants to help support Kentlake football is a member of the club.  We typically meet at Kentlake once a month during the school year.  These meetings will be advertised and are open to all.  If you feel called to help, please feel invited and welcome.

Your 2022-2023 board members are:

Jacina LaBoo, President
Tara Owens, Vice President
Neisha McConaghy, Treasurer
Melissa Braaflat, Secretary

Your 2022-2023 class representatives are:

Tara Owens, Class of 2023 | Neisha McConaghy, Class of 2024 | Tara Mitchell, Class of 2025 | Karah Wynne, Class of 2026

Volunteer Descriptions and Commitments:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Booster Club, appoint all Directors with the concurrence of the Board, appoint and/or dissolve all other committees as required, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, serve as co-signer on the bank account, serve as primary spokesperson for the booster Club, except as otherwise specified, and oversee goals and budget performance.

The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the president in his/her

absence and other duties as may be assigned by the president. The vice president and treasurer shall also serve as cosigners on the bank account.

The Treasurer shall take care of all funds and assets and pay out all monies, keep books and accounts of receipts, keep records of expenditures of funds, provide financial statements at each meeting, provide a copy of the most current bank statement at all general membership meetings, deposit all money received in an account in the name of the Booster Club obtains board approval for all unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $500, establish an annual budget to be approved by the board, arrange for an informal audit of the books at the end of the fiscal year by a person other than the treasurer or check signers.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the general membership meetings of the Booster Club, e-mail past general membership meeting minutes to the membership as they become available, keep a record of the decisions of the Executive Board, conduct the official correspondence of the Booster Club, and maintain a file for all such correspondence, work with the website administrator to keep the Booster Club’s website

maintained and updated, maintain and update as required the player and parent email distribution lists keep members informed of football activities via email messages as required.

The Director of Web/Social Media shall act as an administrator to all Booster Club social media accounts, using social media to promote the Booster Club, the team, Kentlake athletes, students, and coaches. Maintain, edit and update the website, and publish information from Booster Club board members. Coordinate volunteer moderators for all accounts/forums. Post Facebook updates, tweet on Twitter, follow local media/press and post links, as well as maintain the security of accounts. The sub-Committee should consist of 2-3 people.

The Director of Team Meals and his/her volunteer team shall plan, execute, and oversee any Head Coach-directed or Booster-planned meals directly related to the KL Falcon Football Team. This includes, but is not limited to, the Season Kickoff Barbecue/Breakfast, Pregame Team Meals, and the Postseason Awards Banquet. The director will also acquire and organize volunteers and store and keep an accurate inventory of all related club supplies. The sub-Committee should consist of 3-4 people.

KL Football Media Program – (Digital Design I – II TTA010/TTB010)

Melissa Braaflat

Annual KL Fundraising Committees:

Raceways Sub-Committee – This should consist of two lead volunteers to run this event.

Basketball Concessions – TBD

Ironman – TBD

Poinsettia Fundraiser and Flower Basket Fundraiser. Lead person registers the booster club indicating they are going to do the fundraiser. (Registration does not mean the team is obligated.) Update the participant letter template and send an e-mail, along with the donation form to the parents and coaches. Compile all Player orders into one team order and submit order to Van Wingerden Gardens. Organize the pick-up time and location. If there are poinsettias/flower baskets that are not picked up, contact the player, parent, or person who bought the item and arrange pick up.

Alumni 7 on 7 Turkey Bowl. Coach Maw and KL Booster Lead-Volunteer to run this event.

Please feel free to reach out to any booster club member with questions or ideas.  You can reach us via email at kentlakefootball@gmail.com.